We all need a place at home where we can just sit down, take a breath, and enjoy a quiet hour with a favorite book. Exactly, every home needs a cozy reading nook. Believe it or not, it is quite easy to create one.

Any place can be turned into a reading corner as soon as it’s not in the busiest and the loudest area of your home. Pick a quiet corner and add some decorative lightning for the late hours of reading adventures.

Pick the best seating option for your space

Depending on the size of your reading nook you may put in use a pouf, a chair with a comfortable and supportive cushion, a sofa, or a cushioned bench. Great news! Here at Cottoned, we can help you with softening and making more comfortable each one of these.

The more cushions and pillows you have in the reading nook area, the better. Did you know that we can create a cotton-filled cushion that can spice up your seat, no matter the shape and the size of it?

Cottoned bean bag chair with organic cotton filling - Bella 043 cover
Cottoned daybed cushion with organic cotton filling - marsala cover

Get a side table

Every reading area needs a side table or an eye-pleasing textile pouf table. That way we can easily turn any time of the day into tea or wine o’clock! A traditional wooden table or a cotton-filled pouf side table with a beautiful tray on top will easily get you in the wellness mood.

ottoman used as a side table

Bring nature inside your reading nook with some awesome plants

We do believe in flower power, especially in times when we all need some more pieces of nature inside. So get a plant and turn your reading nook into a paradise station.

These are our top 3 essentials for a cozy reading nook area and here are some ideas to get you inspired:

Image credit: Julia Robbs, A Cup of Jo via
Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Built In Reading Window
Image credit: Alison Bernier From: House Tour – A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home via
Samantha Gluck Emily Henderson Playroom Reading Corner
Image credit: Alison Bernier From: House Tour – A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home via
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Image credit: Eric Piasecki from A Place to Call Home by Gil Schafer via

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