Тo many families the dinette or the breakfast nook is where family life happens: from cooking, through dining, to sharing stories, board gaming, making plans, doing homework, or arts and crafts.

The dining nook is most probably the command center of every home. So any energy spent on making it shine is well worth it. Here are our ideas to make your kitchen nook sparkle with joy with these top 3 breakfast nooks & dinettes must-haves.

Add a small pot of fresh herbs or create a mini herbal garden.

If there is a place at home that really needs some fresh greens and nice aroma, that is the kitchen nook. After all, it’s all about positive vibes and delicious meals, right? Not having enough space shouldn’t be an excuse. A small pot of basil to use as a centerpiece on the table will surely create the magic. If you have space and a window seal available why not create a tiny shiny herbal garden as well.

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Hang an inspirational piece of art or a funny motivational poster on the wall.

That will make the breakfast nook area even cozier for a perfect start to the day.

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Cushion it up!

Make sure that your dinette nook is as comfortable as it can get.

From seating cushions through back cushions to decorative throw pillows, your dining area, as the command center of your home, will both brighten up and offer inviting comfort.

When shopping for seat cushions for your built-in benches or dining chairs consider the optimal thickness and shape of the cushions so that you can enjoy spending your family quality time playing Snakes and Ladders as long as you wish!

Custom bench cushion by Cottoned

Custom bench cushion by Cottoned

Custom bench cushion by Cottoned

As we are spending more and more time at home it is extremely important to feel comfortable and happy and at the same time make it safer and healthier.

We’ve been working on making homes cozy, comfortable, and safe from toxic materials for the last 3 years by creating custom-size cushions filled with the purest organic cotton available. Have a look:

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