Spring has sprung into summer and dreamy pictures of cozy wanna-be-there backyard patios are lurking from every corner. But how to make your backyard patio Instagram and Pinterest worthy?

Here are the 4 essentials that will help you nail it and enjoy a cozy summer, making the best of beautiful weather days.


Comfortable furniture is a must for a cozy patio. Be it a patio swing, outdoor benches, lounge chairs, papasan chairs, or a sofa, comfortable patio furniture is really essential.

And what makes a piece of outdoor furniture comfy? Durable materials, great furniture design, and a supportive, fitting-like-a-glove cushion will do the work.

Did you know that our cotton-filled cushions perform great outdoors as well as indoors? They just need to be protected from water, rain, and direct sunlight. That’s basically what all outdoor cushions need.

Our patio cushions come with two great benefits, however:

1. The cotton filling is completely safe for your health and for the planet. It’s a natural material and as such is completely biodegradable.

2. Our cotton-filled cushions can be fully customized to fit your patio furniture perfectly. So if you need replacement cushions for your outdoor furniture, you’ve come to the right place.

Cottoned daybed cushion with organic cotton filling - marsala cover
Cottoned non-tufted bench cushion with mini piping
Cottoned custom handmade 3 inch seating cushion with organic cotton filling - yellow cover

How can I get replacement cushions for my custom furniture?

Measure your piece of furniture, take a photo of it, and send it to

Our customers’ happiness team will shortly draft a quote for you with all the available fabrics and colors to choose from.


We all need some healthy dose of Vitamin D and we all like sunshine, but too much of it is neither healthy nor that comfy, especially on a hot summer day, is it? That’s why a sunshade is really essential for your patio or balcony.

If you have natural shade from trees and bushes, or the construction itself that would be fantastic. If not there is an abundance of alternatives: umbrellas, fabric shades, etc. Whatever you decide to bet on, however, choose a shade that can do double duty and protect your patio from slight rain at least as well.


Nothing is cozier (and more romantic!) than some dim lights in the summer nights. Solar lights are the best option for the environment but if your patio is too shady chances are that these will not be very efficient.

We love string lights and they can surely turn any outdoor space into a paradise garden. Candles in beautiful lanterns can do the same.


Oh! The more, the better. They will certainly take you in an I-feel-good mood. And will bring you the beautiful company of the butterflies as well. Need a mosquito shield? No problem! Build one with plants and herbs. Basil, lavender, geranium, peppermint, verbena, rosemary are all perfect natural mosquito repellents.

No matter where you live and how many months of summer you have in your part of the world, you deserve to make the best of the good weather days. The above essentials for a cozy patio will surely help you enjoy the warmer months of the year.

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