Spring has sprung into summer and dreamy pictures of cozy wanna-be-there backyard patios are lurking from every corner. But how to make your backyard patio Instagram and Pinterest worthy? Here are the 4 essentials that will help you nail it and enjoy a cozy summer, making the best of beautiful weather days. COMFY FURNITURE Comfortable furniture […]

Need a custom cushion to fit your new handmade furniture piece? There are a lot of custom cushion options out there but yet, some are better than others. In a world full of all kinds of products you can imagine and bring home, it’s really important to carefully think over and make the conscious choice […]

Тo many families the dinette or the breakfast nook is where family life happens: from cooking, through dining, to sharing stories, board gaming, making plans, doing homework, or arts and crafts. The dining nook is most probably the command center of every home. So any energy spent on making it shine is well worth it. […]

A comfortable daybed is the perfect addition to any room at home. Did you know that in ancient Greece daybeds would often be placed in areas of the home where guests would get together to have fun?⁠ Nowadays daybeds are primarily used for sweet daytime naps or for comfortable guest beds that can also function […]

Looking for a way to upgrade your bedroom and add a little bit more comfort and extra cosiness to it? The bedroom is the place in which you start and finish each and every day and definitely deserves some attention in order to become the relaxation sanctuary that motivates you to be the best version […]

It is the pure cotton filling that makes our products so special. Our colorful Cottoned creations reach out to those of you with a craving for natural fibers and sparkling design in their homes as well as for a healthy and mindful environment. All our designs can be customized to suit your space and our […]

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