Floor cushions are so versatile. They can instantly refresh your living room area, add extra seating for guests when needed, or easily turn into a side table for a Sunday tea party with friends. And who doesn’t like a Bohemian-style living room area with lots of cushions scattered on the floor?

Many of your favorite family and friends’ home activities would be much cozier with some floor cushions: think balcony brunch with your besties, family picnic in the backyard, or board games evening marathon. These all will only benefit from some comfortable floor seating. So will your reading nook.

There is nothing that will more easily spruce up your home than a colorful combination of floor cushions and pillows. With so many options available out there, however, it might be difficult for you to choose the right ones for your home. So here are 3 things to consider when shopping for a floor cushion.

Size and Shape

Before buying a floor cushion or a set of floor cushions, look around your home. How much free space do you have? Do you need one larger floor cushion or a set of smaller ones that could be stacked upon each other? Does your space need an oval, a rectangular, or a square floor cushion? Do you need just one for your reading nook or do you need more cushions for comfortably hanging out with friends coming over? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the perfect set of floor cushions for your home.

The good news is that we can create any size or shape of floor cushions you need. Just have in mind that the optimal thickness for a floor cushion so that it can be comfortable and supportive enough is 4”.

Color, Texture, Design

Speaking of interior design, it’s all about colors and textures. Consider what are the dominant colors of your interior and think about how to complement them with your choice of floor cushions. Are you looking for a more classic look or do you need some more boho vibes? Velvet floor cushions would be a great addition to your classic interior, while linen floor cushions will bring some boho feel to the atmosphere. Have a look at our swatches and textures and let your imagination play with colors.

Cottoned daybed cushion with organic cotton filling - marsala cover

Having chosen the color and the texture of your floor cushions think about the design. Do you need a cushion with a removable and machine washable cover or are you going to be just fine with a spot-clean option? If you have kids and pets we would say that betting on a cushion with a removable and machine washable cover would be your best available option. If not, you can enjoy the timeless look of our tufted cushions and French mattresses.

Durability and Sustainability

When shopping for your floor cushions, consider the future of the environment as well. No matter whether you buy a floor cushion for your kids’ room or a set of floor cushions for your living room, you would want them to be durable. Pick a high-quality cushion that is made to last. That will not only save you money in the long run but will also be kinder to nature.

Choosing natural, biodegradable, and sustainable materials over men-made, like foam and silicone filling, will also be a small step towards fighting pollution. Cotton is a great natural alternative for foam and polyurethane. And the bonus you get is that it doesn’t off-gas any toxic elements and VOCs in your home.

Sitting on the floor rather than on a couch has many benefits for your health. It naturally improves your posture, strength, flexibility, and balance by promoting the natural stabilization of your core muscles. The best part is that it also includes more muscle activity. Many refer to it as active rest. If practiced correctly sitting on the floor could really improve your overall health. No wonder in many Eastern cultures people prefer sitting on the floor during most of their activities at home. There is one thing you need to sit comfortably on the floor, however. And that is a beautiful, supportive, and kinder to nature floor cushion that is made to fit and last.

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