No wonder velvet is by far our most loved fabric! It’s rich, it’s stylish, it’s timeless, it makes a statement. But how to take care of your velvet cushions, sofas, and all these lovely velvet home décor pieces so that they look their best? A lot of you share concerns that velvet requires some extra effort. Just like any specific fabric, velvet surely requires some more time and attention, but that is not something that should put you off. Velvet is notorious for being a fussy fabric, but there are some simple tricks to make it look great over time.

Velvet is a high pile fabric, and it is the pile that gives the plush, luxurious look. It’s the same pile that is causing some daily and special occasions maintenance challenges. We’ve collected the best of tips for taking care of velvet cushions and velvet home décor pieces.

1. Vacuum your velvet cushions and home décor items daily.

The luxurious pile of velvet usually attracts and traps a lot of dust. That is why we would recommend daily vacuuming and soft brushing for our cotton-filled velvet cushions. Always vacuum with the soft brush upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

2. Never iron your velvet cushions and covers. To remove creases, gently steam the fabric instead.

When you need to steam your velvet cushions and furniture upholstery to remove any creases, make sure to use the lowest heat setting on your iron or hand steamer. Don’t hold the steamer in one area but move it all over the surface. Always go in the opposite direction of the pile.

3. Keep your velvet cushions and furniture away from direct sunlight.

All dyed fabrics are susceptible to fading if exposed to direct sunlight. Velvet is quite sensitive to color fade. So, make sure to protect your velvet furniture by placing it in an area that is not directly exposed to sunlight.

4. Avoid washing velvet. Dry clean it instead.

Cushions with removable covers are definitely much easier in terms of care and maintenance. We do not recommend washing the velvet fabrics, however. Dry-clean them instead. Velvet does not respond well to washing. If you have to wash them, make sure to use the gentlest cycle and the lowest temperature available. Never tumble dry. Use a steamer to remove creases once the cover dries out completely.

5. Spot clean immediately after spills happen to prevent stains.

Spills happen, but when they do, avoid rubbing them. Instead, blot lightly with a dry and soft lint-free cloth. Too much pressure might crush the pile and damage the fabric. Dry out with a hairdryer. Once all dried out, brush to restore the plush pile.

The velvet we use for our cotton-filled cushions and home décor items is a 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester fabric blend. Not sure of the fabric color that will make your home sparkle with joy? Order a sample here.

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