A beautiful home with a piece of our Cottoned hearts in it! We are so happy that this custom-made bench cushion ended up in this cozy and inviting corner at Wafae’s home.

For this project, we created a 4” tufted cushion and filled it with pure organic cotton filling.

Since the cushion is going to be used in the breakfast nook area, Wafae chose to bet on high-performance fabric and picked our Water/Stain Repellent option.

In terms of design, we finished the cushion with the thick piping edge option and the fabric-covered buttons for the tufts.

Cottoned Breakfast Nook Cushion at the Home of Wafae (2)

“Our breakfast nook recently got a nice little upgrade: this beautiful bench cushion from Cottoned Shop. It was custom made to fit our bench and we absolutely love it! I love the neutral look, so I chose this creamy linen colored fabric that is high-performance meaning I don’t have to worry about spills or stains!” Thank you, Wafae for letting your home sparkle with joy with our Cottoned cushion!

Cottoned Breakfast Nook Cushion at the Home of Wafae (3)

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