Creating a safe and nurturing environment at home for their kids is a priority for all new parents. Preparing the home for the new family member is often a frustrating task and that is so mainly because of the many choices and products on the market, all of them promising the best for the baby and for the mother.

If there is one single piece of advice that would really help expecting parents, however, it is to go for the basics and to go for natural materials, no matter what they are shopping for: crib mattresses and bedding, baby and kids clothes, toys, or nursery items. Natural materials will always be the better choice, be it cotton, silk, linen, wool, wood, or bamboo, and synthetics and plastic would best be avoided especially when it comes to baby goods.

The Benefits of Natural Materials

Breathable: One of the biggest and well-known advantages of natural materials in bedding, nursery, and clothing is the breathability of natural fibers and fabrics. Always opt for cotton, linen, or wool when it comes to baby clothes, diapers, and kids bedding. As babies’ skin is very sensitive, it is extremely important for all the fabrics that surround the newborn to be breathable so that skin irritation is kept to a minimum.

Cottoned nursing pillow filled with organic cotton - zipper detail

Hypoallergenic: Most of the natural fabrics and fibers, of which cotton is the greatest representative, are completely hypoallergenic, especially if they are not treated with any chemicals and dyes.

Toxic-free & VOCs-free: You will be surprised by the large and extremely harmful amount of substances and chemicals most modern baby and kids bedding are treated with. By choosing natural materials and fillings you will be sure that your baby will be safe from the harmful effects of VOCs. Have in mind that in the production process of any foam mattress, for example, a lot of solvents, and adhesives are used and all of them volatilize from the final product, making the environment both for you and for your kids less safe and healthy. That is why it is extremely important to go for foam-free and silicone-free products.

Sustainable: Pure and natural materials like cotton, wool, linen, and silk are completely biodegradable, and by choosing clothing and bedding created with such you will take care not only for the health of your kids but for the health of the planet as well.  

Cottoned GOTS certified cotton filling closeup detail

Having in mind all of the above, we have created our Cottoned Kids Collection of pure, safe, supportive, hypoallergenic, breathable, and completely customizable kids bedding and nursery items. 

We are sourcing the purest natural GOTS certified organic cotton and GOTS certified cotton fabric to turn them into the ultimate kids and nursery items: crib mattresses, co-sleeping pillows, and nursing pillows. 

We carefully choose our cotton to be unbleached, free of chemicals, dyes, finishes, polymers, and toxins so that it is perfectly safe for babies, kids, and people with allergies and high sensitivity to chemicals.

As much as we love color, when it comes to nursery and kids creations we want to make sure that everything close to them is as pure as possible. With all the benefits of natural materials, we are positive that our Cottoned Kids collection would be highly appreciated by parents and kids and will make the environment they live in healthier and safer.

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