Trying hard to find the perfect match for your built-in nook bench, bay-window seating area, or that beautiful antique daybed?

We know how hard it is to finish a bespoke project without any compromises. We have spent the last several years trying to help people from all over the world find the perfect match for their bespoke furniture.

When it comes to customizing cushions, our artisans’ team goes beyond and above. We can create custom sizes and custom shapes. We can play with fabrics and colors and we can also let you decide on the final design details for any cushion or a home-decor item.

Custom Size

The fact that we work with only soft cotton filling and fabric gives us the opportunity to create pretty much any size of seating cushions, French mattresses, headboard cushions, and any textile home & décor items. Our only limitation is that the greatest thickness we can do with cotton filling for a cushion or a French mattress is 4’’. But trust us, if you need more, we will surely find a solution for you.

How to choose the thickness of your cushion? It’s a question of both comfort and design. Thicker cushions feel softer. Our cotton filled cushions are densely stuffed so even at 2” they will offer plenty of support. Larger seats normally look better with thicker cushions. But that proportion is completely up to your visual preferences.

For a seating cushion we recommend 2’’ and 3’’. For daybed cushions or a cushion that is used for both sitting and sleeping, we recommend 4″ thickness.

Custom Shape

From standard rectangular cushions to ovals, and recessed trapezoids, there is no size or shape that our artisans cannot create.

Cottoned bay window trapezoid cushion - blue cover
Cottoned Bay Window Trapezoid Cushion
Cottoned round tufted floor cushion with organic cotton filling

Custom Fabrics & Colors

We are constantly adding more and more fabrics and colors to our portfolio. From our GOTS certified all-natural cotton fabric, through our Cotton/ Linen blends, to the luxurious rich Velvet and casual dyed Linen, we have it all. We work with high-quality and very durable GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified fabrics.

The best part is that even if we do not have a piece of fabric you would like, we can try finding your perfect match in terms of fabric from our partners, or work with your own piece of fabric.

Custom Design

Our two main cushion design options are ”tufted” and ”non-tufted”.

Tufting is beautiful, but it’s also part of the structure of any cotton-filled cushion. It keeps filling in place. That is the reason why even the ”non-tufted” cushions have tufting. They consist of a tufted insert and a flat-surface zip-off machine washable cover.

If you want to remove the cotton filling to machine wash the cover of tufted cushions, you need to snip all tufts and re-tuft them after. We include a needle and thread with all tufted items, so don’t worry about that. Most of the time, however, you will be able to spot clean the cover.

The non-tufted design would be your best option if you have little children, a messy pet, or if you need the cushions for a kitchen nook or dining area.

Cottoned custom handmade 3 inch seating cushion with organic cotton filling - grey cover

The final touches show the character of your cushion. You are the one that decides on these.

Tuft Finishing

Tufting is a structural part of any cotton-filled creation, but it is also the final touch that makes our cushions look so beautiful and timeless. Did you know that you can choose yourself the finish of your tufts?⁠⠀

Our two basic options are wool yarn bows and fabric-covered buttons. The buttons can be covered in a fabric of your choice so that they harmonize or contrast to the cushion itself. Most of our customers decide to stick to the monochromatic version and choose the buttons to be covered with the same fabric of which the cushion is made. And that works for a really classic design!

The wool yarn bows are much more frivolous and casual but fit perfectly as well in all kinds of interiors. The color is up to you. What we usually try to do is finding the closest to the color of the cushion yarn.

Edge Finishing

We offer three main kinds of edge design: thick piping, that keeps the mattress or the cushion more structured, thin piping, and no piping. Upon request, we can also do a double welted cushion with a rope piping design.

Tufting Pattern

Did you know that you can even choose the pattern of your tufts as well? Diamond or parallel tufting pattern, it is all up to you!

Cottoned bay window cushion with organic cotton fill - top view

In the process of creating your cotton-filled piece, we will carefully go through all these steps together to make sure the result is a cushion that is the perfect match for your home!


  • Hi
    We love these. How do we go about getting a quote for:
    4inch thick
    tufted fabric buttons
    thick piping
    diamond pattern
    royal purple (as shown)
    170cm wide x 32cm deep

    I very much hope to hear from you soon

  • Dear cotton shop

    I have a window seat in a bay window. It needs a cushion for comfort like the ones you sell.

    Please could you quote 2.7 m in length and 800 mm in width.

    • Hi Rozanne,

      Thank you for your inquire! We’ll email you with а detailed quote but please check your spam/promotions folders in case you haven’t received anything in the next few hours.

      Warm wishes,
      The Cottoned team

  • I have a window seat cushion that I love, but it is fading. I would love to get a replicate of it. Is this possible? I can send you photos of the one I have.

    • Hello Kimberly,

      Thank you so much for contacting us! I am so sorry to hear your cushion seems to be fading.

      Can you send me a photo of the current cushion? Also, please confirm if it is exposed to direct sunlight. Please note our fabrics are not chemically treated and sun may cause the color to fade.

      In order for me to provide a quote, I will need to know the exact measurements you need.

      I’m here if you have any questions.


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