Vivid or pastel, tufted or with a removable cover, a headboard cushion is considered the centerpiece of a bedroom as often is the first thing one notices once they enter the space. Headboard cushions are a great investment because they bring character to the interior and multiple features that enhance your sleeping experience.

We, from Cottoned, love it when our headboard cushions become the accent of your bedroom. That’s why we are sharing with you a few reasons why getting yourself (and your bed) one is truly worth it.

Cottoned - A headboard is your bed's best friend

Sitting in Bed Has Never Been More Comfortable

Try to visualize this – a nice and cozy, slightly rainy evening, a cup of warm tea, and a great book by your side. What more could one possibly need? A comfortable place to read! Simple as that. And since people love to read in bed, getting a headboard cushion can make one’s evening ritual a moment to be looking forward to.

Reading before bed not only helps with reducing stress and putting your mind at ease but also makes you fall asleep faster. That’s why it’s crucial to be able to enjoy a good read while the body also gets relaxed. Our headboard cushions filled with organic cotton are the perfect solution. They provide the necessary support for your body and help maintain a healthy posture while indulging in your favorite book.

Cottoned - A headboard is your bed's best friend - tufted headboard with pink velvet cover
Cottoned - A headboard is your bed's best friend - tufted headboard with blue velvet cover
Cottoned - A headboard is your bed's best friend - triangular headboard with removable cover

Forget About the Cold Nights

Maintaining the proper bedroom temperature is fundamental for the quality of your sleep. According to research, the perfect sleep temperature for adults is around 19 degrees Celsius. This means we have to try and keep the room slightly cooler, especially in summer. Winter, on the other hand, can contribute to keeping your bedroom cooler but could also be the reason for not being able to maintain the needed temperature unless you use additional heating sources.

If you are sleeping up with your head against a cold wall with poor insulation, this can cause some disturbance in your sleep cycle due to the low temperature in the room. Placing a headboard cushion creates the needed insulation between your pillow and the wall, helping you get a deep and restorative sleep.

Not to mention that while creating a layer of insulation, the headboard cushion fulfills a second function – it protects the wall from smudges and wearing off the paint.

Cottoned - A headboard is your bed's best friend - tufted headboard with red velvet cover

Sleeping in Style

Headboard cushions are multifunctional. They are the design touch your bedroom needs for an exceptional look. One of the main points is that a headboard gives your bed a defining, finishing touch. With carefully selected fabrics, textures, and colors, you can easily integrate crucial features into the interior design of your bedroom. With the presence of a headboard cushion, the bed quickly becomes the center of attention in your bedroom, setting the stylistic tone of the whole space.

And right now, making such a visual statement is easier than ever! Our headboard cushions are fully customizable. Our skilled artisans can create any design based on your bed frame and your preferences for size, color, and fabric. Let your designer’s dream become a reality with our customization tool.

Cottoned - A headboard is your bed's best friend - tufted headboard with organic cotton cover
Cottoned - A headboard is your bed's best friend - headboard with pink pocket attachment
Cottoned - A headboard is your bed's best friend - tufted headboard with black cover

We spend a big part of our lifetime in bed. The average person spends approximately 26 years in sleep. That’s why we need to make sure we feel calm and relaxed when it comes to our bedrooms and every minute we get to be there. Getting a headboard cushion fills your bed experience with coziness and style. It provides your body with the necessary support and gives you great comfort. All you need to do is sit back comfortably and enjoy a well-deserved rest.


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