These Are The 2023 Design Trends Everybody Follows

The year 2023 will be the time to establish our unique and sustainable selves. We will transform our home into a living space that tells stories and renovate its spirit and character by adding pieces full of layers and meaning.

The 2023 design trends will celebrate artisanry, tell stories of the past, and manifest personal statements about the state of the world. It’s time to appreciate what’s natural, full of spirit, and has a healthy dose of human touch.

All-Natural Materials

The comeback of raw natural materials is among the most anticipated 2023 design trends.  We can expect a strong focus on exaggerated textures and veining in wood, stone, and marble – robust and alive materials with high-pattern and high-contrast grains. Nature will move into our home with a complimentary dose of strong hues and texture saturation. Combining this with the softer and instinctual forms of biophilic design will transform your home into a welcoming space full of calming but bold features.

The 2023 Design Trends - all natural materials

Thick wood tables, marble countertops, and stone basin sinks can add body and a strong earthy presence. Wool, organic cotton, and linen will dominate the home decor scene with a new wave of fresh and health-conscious design. Expect cushions, poufs, headboards, and a variety of recreation furniture with soft natural fabrics and pure fillings. The raw, rough, but soft features will be more than natural materials – they will be a meaningful personal statement about our collective direction as a society towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

Handmade by Artisans

It’s time to celebrate artisanry and experience the handmade culture from all around the world. Each piece in our living space will have a personal story of its creation and will carry much more than its weight. Among the 2023 design trends, we will see a burst of interest in handcrafted home decor items and genuine aspiration toward the hidden gems that craftsmanship offers.

The 2023 Design Trends - handmade

Personal, unique, and custom-made pieces with practical and decorative functions will be a staple in many living spaces. Expect handcrafted clay vases, stone sculptures, and even papier-mâché style decorations. With a great accent on raw materials, we will also see a wave of custom handmade furniture, cushions, pillows, and more. Combining organic cotton, wool, hemp, or linen, much of the craftsmanship will be based on natural fabrics and batting.  A fresh but traditional approach that will add character and flavor to any home.

Old Pieces with A Modern Touch

With a surprisingly successful mix of polar generational styles, we will see the so-called “hipstoric home trend” revive our love for antiques. Contemporary pop touches with old pieces is the new blend of fresh and vintage that will inspire taste in any living space. As one of the top 2023 design trends, we can expect many new homes to enjoy a splash of old-money furniture and heirloom decorations.

The 2023 Design Trends - vintage design

People will bring new life to vintage pieces with their own signature style in the restoration process. It’s a homebrew design venture that celebrates the rich character of each antique item by dressing it in complimentary contemporary textiles and knits. Comfort and story are the two main ingredients of the hipstoric home trend.

Make It Green

The most dominant color in nature will be the protagonist of this year’s color scheme. Green is back, and every home will benefit from the rich leafy-hued decor. The color is cool, soothing, and complimentary to the back-to-nature 2023 design trends, which are rapidly gaining popularity. It’s all about rejuvenating your living space and adding a new fresh zest.

The 2023 Design Trends - green design

We are talking grassy flooring crop, sage green walls, and deep, bold green furniture.  If your home decor mimics a tropical forest’s subtle variance in green hues, you are one step ahead in the color game. A sustainability statement that best pairs with natural materials and eco-friendly pieces.

The 2023 design trends we will see, follow, and experience are more than temporary fashion whims. Our living spaces are evolving with our sustainable thinking and desire for storytelling. They will become an expression of our worldviews and personal aspirations. Make them natural, handmade, and timeless.


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