Picking the colors of your home feels much like presenting yourself in front of an audience – you want to represent your personality in an accurate and inspiring way.

From a young age, one of the most common questions we were ever asked is “What is your favorite color?”. The answer, of course, is never the same. Human beings are on a constant path of change and development. This means that just like us, our preferences and style also go through a transition. Even at later stages of life our preferences and perceptions can change because the exploration of the color possibilities and the discovery of new favorite combinations never seems to cease. And color psychology plays a key role in that. But what exactly is the meaning behind the colors of your home? And more importantly – what are our color preferences telling about us when it comes to the pallet of our interiors?

Cottoned What do the colors of your home say about you

Getting to Know Yourself and Your Interior

Color psychology is a well-known study that has been vastly used in marketing and branding but after research done in the past years, it has been taken to a next level. These days we associate color psychology with human personality traits. Colors no longer represent just a certain feeling but can also say a lot about our perceptions.

Color psychology is also one of the most powerful tools when it comes to interior design. It is considered to have a significant impact on our mood when we are in a certain space. More than any other factor, the color combinations of our interior can set the tone of the emotional state we get in. But since the interior, we live in acts as a mirror of our own personality, the choices we make on account of the colors we use say more about our personality traits than we could ever imagine.

As you know, we, from Cottoned, are in love with colors. That’s why, with the help of our most beloved organic cotton products we are going to help you find out what is the purpose behind the use of certain colors in your interior and what does that say about your personality type.



Cottoned What do the colors of your home say about you - blue

Blue is thought to be one of the strongest hues from the color psychology spectrum. Dark and bold shades of the color are associated with confidence, nobility, loyalty, peace and success. Lighter shades, which are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, are evoking a feeling of calmness and tranquility.

Having predominantly blue shades in the colors of your home is usually a sign of wanting to achieve inner peace.  Surrounding yourself with blue tones in times of stress is your way of finding a “safe haven”. Preferring blue shows that you are introspective and deliberate. It reveals a very loving and caring side of you. You are very loyal to the people you love and value the company of your close ones.

Our turquoise headboard cushion will make your bedroom environment the perfect place for a peaceful rest. Our marine blue seat cushion, on the other hand, will make your living room a welcoming space where everyone will be able to feel calm and at peace.



Cottoned What do the colors of your home say about you - red

A bit more dramatic but definitely timeless, red is the primary color that associates with passion, excitement, and thrill. With its high intensity, the red hue provokes deep emotions and it’s no surprise that this is the preferred color by most marketing and advertising campaigns. Red also associates with ambition and willpower and that’s why it’s the perfect shade to use in home offices or creative corners.

If your interior is based on the color red then you most likely are a person that enjoys the thrill and passion life has to offer. You are outgoing and love being the center of attention. Having red shades as the central colors of your home shows that you are assertive and even prone to slightly more impulsive decisions.

Red is the color of action so if this hue is among your most favorite ones we can definitely conclude that you are always striving for achieving the best results of any task. Red is also famous for being the color of love. And nothing shows your affection than a comfortable red cushion where you can fully enjoy the hugs of your special one.



Cottoned What do the colors of your home say about you - green

Closer to nature in the comfort of our own home – green is one of the calmest hues in the color psychology spectrum. It is considered a color that evokes positivity and stimulates growth, progress, and balance. Green associates with nature and it’s the perfect shade to include in the colors of your home if it’s is located in a more urban area. Similar to blue, green is a color that helps with achieving inner peace and helps to concentrate and open your mind. That’s why it’s the perfect color to include in your study room, bedroom and kitchen.

Including mainly shades of green in your home surroundings is a sign that you are someone who values highly your connection with nature. You are also a person who appreciates the daily moments when you can “get back in touch” with yourself and restore your inner balance. Green lovers tend to be very practical people who are always ready to help and find a solution to any situation. Filled with lavish amounts of organic cotton, our green cushion can definitely make your life greener! Not just because of the beautiful fabric but also because it’s one great sustainable solution for a healthier life.



Cottoned What do the colors of your home say about you - yellow

Vibrant, joyful, and bright– the yellow color is one of the warmest colors to include in your interior. This color is suitable for nearly any room in the house – from the baby nursery to the living room. Due to its multi-functionality, yellow is a preferred color among many interior designers. It can be used as a color wall or a signature decoration piece. In both cases, it associates with optimism, high energy, and strong individuality.

Adding yellow to your interior reveals the playful side of your personality. You are open-minded and always ready for a bit of fun which makes you a wanted part of any friend group. Loving yellow makes you the personification of summer – warm, friendly, and adventurous. Your optimism is contagious and your will to help others is admirable.

Simply because you love having people over you need to have enough space for everyone. Our yellow ottoman cushion is exactly what you need. The bright color of the cushion makes it such a vibrant addition to the colors of your home that it will quickly become from an extra seat to a conversation starter. And just like the color yellow, this ottoman cushion can be applied in multiple situations – as a seat, a signature piece, or a small table.



Cottoned What do the colors of your home say about you - pink

A subtle and soft hue, pink is a color that immediately gives associations of innocence, femininity, and playfulness. It’s like a childhood memory involving lots of ice cream and cotton candy. From a psychological point of view, the pink color also has a calming effect on people just like green and blue. The hue is perfect for wall paint since it has this specific radiance that makes furnishings and people look a bit brighter and flattering. That’s why many interior designers pick pink as the main color of a bathroom since it makes the inhabitants look better.

Surrounding yourself in the pink color tells that you are someone who is compassionate, loving, and accepting of others. You are approachable, easy-going, and not afraid to express your feelings. Having pink as your go-to color of your home is a sign that there is still a bit of childhood naivety left in you which always helps you look for the good in others.

Our pink bolster pillow is the perfect design choice for any of your rooms. Not only it will provide you with incomparable comfort but it will be the most romantic accent of your interior.



Cottoned What do the colors of your home say about you - purple

Often associated with nobility and wealth, purple is the color that can make any interior look luxurious. In the color psychology spectrum, purple is connected to imagination, creativity, and fantasy. It’s a color that combines in itself both feminine, lighter hues and masculine, darker shades. Lighter purple is often preferred for bedrooms and walk-in closets while the more nuanced shades are a great choice for entrance halls where your guests will be impressed the moment they enter your home.

Enjoying the purple color and incorporating it into your interior reveals your creative side. You are someone who enjoys the fine things in life while also being capable of appreciating simple pleasures. You are someone with great intuition and have the ability to observe things others leave unnoticed. The presence of purple in your interior associates with your hidden aristocracy and perfectionism.

Placing a darker purple seat cushion in your hallway is what already creates a statement at the entrance of your home. A lighter hue purple cushion for your kitchen on the other hand will reveal your unique and creative approach to bringing out the best of any space.

Color psychology and interior design are intertwined in such a way that all of our choices and preferences reveal a particular feature of our personality. The colors of our home are acting as a mirror of who we are and how we express ourselves. Whether you love the vibrancy and warmth of yellow or you prefer the calmness and tranquility of light blue, we, from Cottoned, are here to make any of your design dreams come true. All you need to do is pick the color and leave everything else to us. The result: a statement piece that makes your interior loudly say “YOU”.


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