Need a custom cushion to fit your new handmade furniture piece? There are a lot of custom cushion options out there but yet, some are better than others. In a world full of all kinds of products you can imagine and bring home, it’s really important to carefully think over and make the conscious choice so as to avoid buyers remorse the least.

Talking about furniture, foam and synthetics are all over the store shelves and they are the easier choice in the short term. They are cheaper and they are lighter. Are they, however, good for your health and good for the planet in the long term? Foam is a serious problem for the environment, taking up a huge area at the landfill sites all over the globe. Not only is a natural alternative good for the planet, but it’s good for your personal health as well. Here are our 5 reasons to pick cotton filling (or any other natural filling option) instead of foam for your cushions and home-decor items.

Cottoned GOTS certified cotton filling closeup detail

#1 Cotton is biodegradable

As any natural fiber that is not treated with any chemicals, cotton is 100% biodegradable.  Synthetic fibers, as any oil-based product are not biodegradable and most of them will end up in the landfill.

#2 Cotton is renewable

Cotton is annually renewable and it’s harvested each and every year.

#3 Cotton is toxic-free

While foam is usually treated with a plethora of chemicals, most of them toxic, cotton fibers can be used as filling for cushions an pillows in their pure and natural form: toxic free. The natural cotton filling doesn’t off-gas any toxic compounds or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making your home a healthier place to be.

#4 Cotton is breathable

Cotton is one of the most breathable fibers available. The mere fact that it’ll let your body breathe is responsible for the unparalleled comfort of any cotton-filled cushion or cotton home-decor item.

#5 Cotton is hypoallergenic

Unlike foam, cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it the perfect choice for babies and for people who are sensitive to chemicals.

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