Even if you‘re not a first-time pet owner, choosing a pet bed for your paw friend might be a difficult task. Many pets are happy to nap throughout the house, but they surely need to have personal space for sleeping. From a hygienic point of view, a pet bed is a must for you too! But how to choose the right one?

There is an abundance of pet bed alternatives out there and it might be overwhelming for you to pick one, but these three basic guidelines will help you do that more easily: think about your cat’s or dog’s needs (health, age, and size); consider your own priorities including price, design, maintenance, and care; last but not least, take into account the sustainability of your new pet bed.

Choose the correct size & shape of the pet bed

Based on your pet needs, health condition, and temper you might want to consider different types of pet beds. One thing is sure, however, your pet needs a soft, yet supportive bed. Pure cotton filling has a lot to offer in that direction. A cotton-filled pet bed is soft to the touch and supportive at the same time.

Cottoned pillow pet bed - stuffing detail

Before adding any pet bet to your cart, think about the grown-up size of your 4-legged friend. If it’s not fully grown up yet, you might want to look at the average size of the breed online and buy a slightly bigger bed just in case. No need to invest in a small one while your buddy is still a baby and in a bigger one later. You can always pad the bigger one with towels to make your little buddy feel more secure in it while growing up.

The correct size of the dog bed will determine the level of comfort your pet is going to experience throughout his life, once grown up. Here at Cottoned, we offer all-customizable pet beds, and we can create any shape or size that your pet needs.

Choose breathable materials and fabrics, so that you do not need to additionally cool off your pet with different kinds of cooling pads. Most synthetic options will make your pet hot and uncomfortable, so look for natural breathable materials both for the filling and for the fabric cover of the pet bed.

Choose a pet bed that fits your interior

Ok, as long as it is comfortable for your pet, you are the one to decide on anything else concerning the pet bed: design, price, maintenance, and care options.

Bet on a pet bed that is easy to maintain. Pet beds, dog beds especially, need regular cleaning to control odors and dirt. The easiest solution is a removable washable cover! That way you will be always able to easily wash it when needed.

It’s also a good idea to have an additional waterproof protector – if you would like an all-natural option you can choose a wool fabric protector that can be easily lanolized. That way you will always have an additional barrier between your 4-legged friend and the pet bed. It will make it last longer and look better.

A separate cushion is a great benefit since it makes the pet bed easier to maintain.

Cottoned pet bed with board - inner cushion out

Foam and synthetics tend to hold on to odor. That’s why you’d better search for natural, breathable materials for the filling of the bed: cotton, wool, or natural latex. A good tip is to add a cedar chips sachet bag inside. It will not only repel odors but will also make your pet smell better.

Make sure to choose a bed that fits your home interior. Your pet needs to be comfortable, but you need an item that will beautifully complement the home design, don’t you? If the pet bed of your dreams is not available, you can always bet on a custom-made pet bed to recreate the shape, size, and colors of your dreams.

Velvet donut pet bed? Why not! Personalized? For sure! We offer that feature as well.

Always choose the more natural pet bed option available

Make a conscious choice with the health of the planet in mind. There are many eco-friendly and non-toxic pet beds available on the market, in a variety of price ranges, so it wouldn’t be that difficult to stick to that last guideline.

The truth is dog beds get destroyed. A lot! That is why its extremely important to pick something that after being destroyed (hopefully not!) will not end up in the landfill and stay there for ages, polluting the planet. The key would be to choose a pet bed with a natural filling: cotton, wool, or any other other natural material that will easily biodegrade.

If you want to go the extra mile, choose an all-natural fabric for the pet bed and go for our organic pet bed option. Not only will it keep the planet clean, but will also keep your home healthy. Unlike foam and synthetics, natural materials and natural fillings do not emit any VOCs. Happy and healthy pet, happy and healthy you!

In the ideal scenario, the perfect pet bed would be washable, durable, breathable, and made of biodegradable materials. It would also have a stunning design! Personalization options are always a plus! Now, that is a smart buy!

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