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  • Cottoned-Papasan-Chair-Cushion-with-Natural-Cotton-Stuffing-in-settingCottoned-Papasan-Chair-Cushion-with-Natural-Cotton-Stuffing
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    Elevate your lounging experience with our bespoke cotton-filled Papasan cushion. Custom-crafted with high-quality, durable materials and the purest organic cotton filling inside. Ready to fit your space, your way.

    Hypoallergenic, extremely breathable, eco-friendly, and toxic-free our Papasan cushions have a lot to offer. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colors to create a Papasan cushion that compliments your lounge area and reflects your unique taste.

    • 100% organic cotton filling inside.
    • Made-to-order to fit your preferences.
    • Natural alternative to foam cushions.
    • Limit exposure to dangerous VOCs in your home.
    • Complimentary mending kit included.
    • All taxes and duties are included.

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    • Complimentary mending kit included for each cotton-filled item.
    • Zipper – diagonally on one side for the non-tufted or along half of the edge on the tufted design.
    • Insert made of 100% Organic cotton fabric.


  • Cottoned round tufted floor cushion with organic cotton fillingCottoned-round-tufted-floor-cushion-with-organic-cotton-filling-in-setting

    Make a statement with a round cushion that reflects your individuality. Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, our cotton-filled seat cushion elevates the concept of relaxation with its pure organic cotton construction, high-quality, durable materials, and customizable design.

    Choose from a wide variety of fabricscolorssizesshapespiping, and tufting options to create a cushion that compliments your lounge area and is ready to fit your space, your way.

    • 100% organic cotton filling inside.
    • Made-to-order to fit your preferences.
    • Natural alternative to foam cushions.
    • Limit exposure to dangerous VOCs in your home.
    • Complimentary mending kit included.
    • All taxes and duties are included.