With the events of the past two years, our interior suddenly turned into a workspace, a hobby corner, and a meditation and yoga room. The shift resulted in one thing – a tendency to change the environment of our homes for the better. There is an ongoing movement of making our interior as comfortable and cozy as possible since we are gradually spending more time in it. Softer, rounder lines and shapes have become a common sight in people’s homes. That made us realize that 2022 is definitely the year of the curvy trend!

Curves are real room “softeners” since they have a great way of breaking up the straight lines, giving the whole space a breath of fresh air. Curved furniture could serve not only as a piece of art (and a nice conversation starter) but also contributes to fitting more people since it’s easy to sit on and turn around while talking. That’s why some sofas and couches with a curvy design are named “conversation” or “crescent”.

A Modern Style With A Retro Vibe

Following that curvy trend and implementing it in our interiors, however, is something that people have been doing since the 70s! During these times many designers were trying to introduce modern pieces of furniture with a more feminine interpretation. In the 50s and the 60s, the majority of mid-century modern furniture design was highly influenced by the Bauhaus movement, famous for its geometric shapes and sharp lines. What happened just a decade later set a whole new tone of voice to what could be considered trendy. The era of soft curves and round edges had begun.


As true fans of the curvy trend, here at Cottoned, we have a few suggestions that can be a great addition to your funky interior!

Honoring The Curve 

Starting with the famous Papasan chair, considered to originate from South-East Asia. The name derives from Japanese and it means “to honor father/elderly male figure”. The chair design consists of 2 pieces – a round bowl-like seat and a cylindrical-shaped base. Both pieces are made from rattan – a palm tree growing in these parts of Asia. The seat is covered with a luxurious cushion that is usually filled with cotton. The Papasan chair is a great representative of the curvy trend. It was often seen during the 70s both in students’ dorms and in the homes of design collectors.


A Silk Road Special

Another way to make your living room a little bit “curvier” is with our selection of ottoman cushions. Filled with 100% organic cotton, our cushions could be the colorful addition to your interior you have been looking for. Tufted or non-tufted, big or small in diameter, the ottoman can serve multiple purposes and that’s its greatest charm! Coming from Turkey, this piece of furniture has a rich history. According to “Encyclopedia Britannica” it arrived in Europe at the end of the 18th century. During the time, that furniture was the central piece of seating in one’s interior. Used as a coffee table or an extra seat for a guest, the ottoman cushion can bring a certain character to your living room.

Making our interiors cozier has never been easier. Now, when we have gotten used to spending more time at home, it’s crucial to feel peaceful and at ease. The curvy trend of 2022 is a nice example of how just a shape or a line can make our home surroundings more pleasant and exciting. These retro curves will always be trendy, especially if you want to relive the times of flared pants, long hairstyles, and ABBA songs.


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