Cuscino da lancio personalizzato in cotone organico

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Prezzi da $114

Alternativa naturale ai cuscini in schiuma.
Limite esposizione a pericolosi COV in casa vostra.
100% cotone biologico riempimento interno.
In omaggio mkit finale incluso.
Tutti tasse e doveri sono incluso.

  • Inserto in cotone organico 100% (leggero).
  • Rivestimento sfoderabile e lavabile.
  • Cerniera per regolare facilmente, aggiungere o togliere il ripieno se necessario.


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Removable cover is machine washable at a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Close zipper for washing.


* This listing is for one pillow only.
* Gli articoli in cotone sono soggetti a un certo grado di compressione.
* Handmade item, small deviation in dimensions is possible.

4 recensioni per Custom Organic Cotton Throw Pillow

  1. apett918 (proprietario verificato) -

    Absolutely incredible!!! We are so in love with how this turned out!! It is such a high-quality cushion – the construction/stitching is perfect, the fabric is beautiful, and it’s filled just the right amount so it’s comfortable, but it also weighs enough to not shift around on our bench. Our dogs (Husky mix + Rottweiler mix) are constantly jumping on and off it and it barely moves half an inch! And they’re not small dogs!! Ivan & Mina were so, so helpful throughout the ordering process. I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience! We’re thrilled and I’m sure you will be, too, if you decide to order 🙂

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  2. Angelo (proprietario verificato) -

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  3. Kelly Jackson (proprietario verificato) -

    Exceeded my expectations. The exact size I ordered, lovely vibrant colors. Firm and comfortable pillow.

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  4. Andrew Lachawoski (proprietario verificato) -

    The colors are rich and craftmanship is amazing.I have 5 such pillows in my livingroom and people are always commenting on their awesome quality and design

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