Taking care of our overall health means putting effort into our physical and mental well-being. Originating millennia ago, meditation prove to be incredibly beneficial for our minds and inner peace. But just like physical exercise, it also requires patience and discipline. To turn this practice from a new habit to a favorite daily routine, you have to provide your body with the much-needed comfort, and using  a  meditation cushion is most certainly the best way to do it.

Cottoned - The meditation cushion - Your friend in (mindful) need

Keep Your Back Straight

Sitting straight for long periods could be challenging, especially for beginners. It can often lead to discomfort and pain in the leg joints and muscles. Slouching, irregular posture, and losing focus may develop due to limb numbness. You might even start feeling sleepy or drowsy simply from not sitting properly.

Keeping a straight posture during meditation is crucial for your physical and mental health. Maintaining your back in the correct upright posture helps for proper breathing function. With your shoulders back and your spine straight, the diaphragm moves freely, allowing us to take fuller, deeper breaths. Besides, a straight posture makes us more alert and helps clear our minds while focusing on breathing techniques.

Correct posture supports better bone alignment, making the muscles work more efficiently. More importantly – sitting with your back straight evens out our energy levels. There are more than a hundred billion nerve cells that make a connection between our nervous system, the spinal cord, and the brain. Our spine is simply the gateway to being more spiritually aware; its proper alignment is fundamental for good health.

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Real Comfort Means Deeper Focus

Research shows that using a meditation cushion contributes namely for maintaining such regular posture. Because of the way you are seated, with your legs slightly tilted forward, our zafu meditation cushion aims to maintain your back straight, making you less likely to slouch, lean or get into a position that afterward will cause several body aches. It’s crucial that you meditate in a position that occurs naturally to you and that you can easily adjust while practicing without having to interrupt your inner focus. That’s why body comfort is essential in order for your mind to be able to do the rest of the work.

On the other hand, placing a zabuton cushion as additional support to your zafu brings another layer of comfort during your meditative practice bringing better focus. Your knees, feet, and ankles are the ones that are in close contact with the hard ground. The zabuton provides these body parts a softer surface to lay on, making sitting crossed-legged way more relaxing and comfortable. The zabuton cushion also acts as a great layer of insulation during meditation on a cool floor.

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Choosing the Right Cushion

Using our zafu meditation cushion can help you avoid all of these problems. Filled with lavish amounts of organic cotton, it’s specifically designed to elevate the pelvis and reduce the pressure on the knees and ankles. Our meditation cushion encompasses all the necessary qualities to consider when choosing the right one for you – comfort, stability, and design.

Our zafu cushion is adjustable to your preferred height due to its convenient design and accessible filling. The organic cotton provides incomparable stability for the body, making sitting for a longer time on the floor extremely comfortable. Last but not least – our Cottoned cushion is not only made from high-quality materials but also brings great character to any interior due to its versatile shape.

Colors also play a role when it comes to choosing the right cushion. Pastel, lighter colors tend to have a calming effect on the mind which could already be an invitation to practice more regularly.

Cottoned - The meditation cushion - Your friend in (mindful) need - zafu
Cottoned zafu meditation cushion with unzipper outer cover

Learning how to sit on the cushion correctly contributes to a deeper meditative practice and notable concentration improvement. Finding comfort in a posture that comes naturally to us is vital for effective meditation. Once we feel comfortable, the mind can begin its journey without unnecessary distractions.

We believe that a meditation cushion like ours is the perfect asset for everyone who is just at the beginning of their quest for mindfulness or needs a bit of extra support for achieving complete inner peace. Give yourself a head start with a meditation cushion from Cottoned.


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