We are here to spread the blissfulness of a mindful, healthy, and beautiful home by creating a wide range of décor items, cushions, pillows, puffs, baby mattresses, bean bag chairs, customized organic bedding, and even pet beds using the purest organic cotton and fabrics available.

Cottoned reaches out to those of you with a craving for natural fibers and colorful design at their homes as well as for a healthy and mindful life. All our designs can be customized to suit your space and our team loves exploring new options so that we can create something uniquely for you.

We are collecting the purest natural GOTS certified organic cotton and a wide variety of fabrics and colors to handcraft them in Bulgaria into the décor items and bedding for your cosy days and dreamy nights. We carefully choose our cotton filling to be unbleached, free of chemicals, dyes, finishes, polymers, and toxins, thus empowering us to refine each and every item into the perfect homey piece for people with allergies and high sensitivity to chemicals.

Cotton is a natural fiber and as such it is environmentally sustainable, naturally hypoallergenic, biodegradable and breathable: all of these advantages working together to ensure you are taking the rest at home you deserve and desire. Our fabric selection offers both organic unbleached, and undyed cotton and also a great variety of fabrics full of color like cotton, linen, cotton-linen blends, and velvet. And if you love a fabric, you can send it over, and we’ll turn it into the exact piece you dream of!

We believe that the process of creating your items is as important as the final result. Our greatest asset is the team that stands behind each and every delivered package and a happy team leads to outstanding results. We know that when ordering your Cottoned items you care not only about your health, comfort, and coziness at home but you also care about the present and the future of our Planet Earth. We do too! In our everyday routines at the studio, we follow our zero waste policy trying to make the whole process of making your Cottoned piece as nature-friendly as possible.

The Cottoned Shop Team

Cottoned - the creator Ivan